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nomos 25

Nomos 25 Realized: 1800 CHF
Justinian II, second reign, 705-711. Solidus (Gold, 20.5 mm, 4.48 g, 6 h), Constantinople, 705. d N IҺS C[ҺS REX REGNA]NTIЧM Draped bust of Christ facing, cross behind his head, raising his right hand in benediction and holding book of Gospels in his left. Rev. [d N] IЧSTINIANЧS MЧLTЧS AN Crowned bust of Justinian II facing, wearing loros, holding cross potent in his right hand and patriarchal cross on globe inscribed PAX in his left. DOC 1. MIB 1. SB 1413. A superb piece, sharply struck and with wonderful 'portraits' of Christ and the emperor. Minor areas of striking flatness, otherwise, virtually as struck.

obolos webauction 26

Obolos 26 Realized: 50 CHF
Isaac II Angelus, first reign, 1185-1195. Aspron Trachy (Bronze, 27 mm, 5.09 g, 6 h), Constantinople. (MHP)-ΘV The Virgin Mary, nimbate, enthroned facing, wearing pallium and maphorium, holding the nimbate head of infant Christ before her. Rev. I CAA KI OC ΔEC ΠO TH C (sic!) Isaac standing facing, wearing crown, divitision, loros and sagion, holding cruciform scepter n right hand and akakia in left; to upper right, manus Dei crowning the emperor. DOC 3b. SB 2003. Beautiful sea-green patina. About very fine.

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