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Nomos 13

7 October 2016
Zunfthaus zur Saffran, Zürich

A very rare Medal of Frederick Henry of Orange-Nassau

Estimate: 6500 CHF
Hammer Price: 10000 CHF
Lot 35

Netherlands, United Provinces. Frederick Henry of Orange-Nassau, 1584-1647. Medal, an original cast (Silver, 67mm, 60.61 g 12), on the capture of Pernambuco, by Antonis Pietersz. van der Wilge, 1630. AVREA CONDET SAECVLA (=he has brought the age of gold) Bust of Frederick Henry, bare headed but wearing lace collar and cuirass, facing three-quarters to right within a cartouche, held by, on the left, Mars, in armor, holding Frederick’s arms and with armor at his feet, and Victory, on the right, holding a palm branch; both jointly hold a wreath over Frederick’s head; below, within a horizontal cartouche, S HERTOGENBOS /1629 above view of the city of s’Hertogenbosch; in exergue, .16.A.VD.WILGE.30. Rev. AVSPICIIS ADSIT VICTRIX CONCORDIA (=that harmonius victory be joined to supreme power) Name of Jehovah in clouds above two cherubs with trumpets holding a wreath over the crowned arms of the States-General, supported by Prudentia, on the left, holding a snake, and by Fortitudia, holding a column (their names are inscribed beneath); both hold wreaths attached to four cartouches bearing the views of four of Frederick Henry’s victories: from left, GROL / 1627, SILVERVLOT / 1628, FERNAMBVCO / 1630, and WESEL / 1629; in exergue, CVM PREVIL. Van Loon II, p. 190, i var. (the illustration lacks some reverse details). Very rare. An attractive and impressive medal. Fields polished long ago, and now bright, otherwise, extremely fine.

Ex Künker 141, 19 June 2008, 4490.

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